Engage, Learn, and be Inspired by the Wonders of the Ocean.

Meet the Locals

A unique opportunity to dive deep into the mysteries of the Ocean, providing a platform where education meets fun and curiosity meets discovery. Our exhibit and touch and tanks, featuring over 70 species from diverse underwater habitats such as Rocky Intertidal, Eelgrass, Subtidal, Mudflats, Kelp Forest, Deep Sea, and Rocky Reef, are open all year round, ensuring a new adventure awaits every time you visit.

Our Goal:

Positively impact all visitors and provide educational programs that will inspire and encourage positive behavioural change. Support sustainability of our local ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations.

Did you know?

Sea stars stomachs exit their mouths to digest the food, and re-enter when finished eating.

Find the aquarium’s hours and daily admission prices here:

What's On?

World Ocean Day Celebration

Celebrate a global movement dedicated to the protection and preservation of our marine ecosystems. On this World Ocean Day we are launching our Raincoast Ocean Listening Station in TidePools Aquarium so you can ‘hear’ what’s going on in our local ocean. From whale sounds to boat traffice, this interactive exhibit will help you understand the wonder and the challenges of underwater noise.

Date: June 8, 2024
Price: Aquarium Free Day!
Location: Tidepools Aquarium

OceanFest Conservation Day

The OceanFest Conservation Day brings together passionate individuals and organizations committed to ocean conservation. Learn about all the great work taking place in the region to help protect our ocean. From interactive exhibits showcasing innovative solutions to talks led by industry experts, there’s something for everyone eager to make a difference. This is a great chance to connect with groups taking action to help our oceans, with many volunteer opportunities for you to get involved year round. 

Date: July 14, 2024
Price: By Donation
Location: Tidepools Aquarium & Gibsons Public Market

TidePools Art Show & Auction

Particiapte in our 6th annual fundraiser auction that celebrates and supports the work we do to sustain heathy Coastal life! Up to 100 artists unleash their creativity on wooden Orca cutouts that we post on our online auction site to help raise funds for ongoing programs and operations of TidePools Aquarium. Bidding will begin June 26 and end July 14 at the OceanFest Conservation Day reception at the Gibsons Public Market.

Date: June 26 to July 14, 2024
Price: By Bid
Location: Gibsons Public Market

Sunshine Coast Climate Faire

Mark your calendars! Our community will come together to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time. This new Climate Faire at the Gibsons Public Market will showcase great local progress, highlight innovative technologies, and stimulate climate action. The Sunshine Coast is a leading example of a community that is reducing its climate footprint and increasing its climate resilience, working collaboratively with other similar communities worldwide. It’s time to celebrate how far we’ve come and increase our positive impact.
Date: September 20 & 21, 2024
Price: By Donation
Location: Gibsons Public Market

BlueAct Marine Society is the organization behind Nicholas Sonntag TidePools Aquarium.

Our oceans, teeming with vibrant life and enchanting ecosystems, unveil a breathtaking world of beauty and mystery. From colorful coral reefs to majestic marine creatures, join us in celebrating and preserving the awe-inspiring diversity that makes our oceans an unparalleled source of wonder.

Help us preserve the wonder that is our ocean.

Together, through education, collaborative initiatives, and events, we can protect and restore the beauty beneath the surface.

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